Amir Khan vs Danny Garcia round by round

ROUND ONE: Khan comes out quickly and lands a one-two in the opening seconds. The Brit continues his fast start with several combinations. Needs to remember that Garcia can punch however as the American comes back with some of his own. Khan gets the jab going midway through the round and Garcia is forced to miss as he looks for a way back into the round. My scoring (Khan first) 10-9

ROUND TWO: Garcia’s corner were paying particular attention to his left eye and Khan is straight to work in the second stanza. The Brit is caught by one or two counter punches but this is a fight after all, he’s going to get hit. Otherwise he is on the front foot, staying out of range when necessary, unleashing the combinations when he can. There’s blood around Garcia’s right eye, could that be telling later on? Khan warned about pushing down, no repeat of Washington please, Amir! 10-9

ROUND THREE: According to Garcia, it’ll be game over for Khan in this session. I doubt it, to be honest. The Bolton boy’s speed is a joy to watch as he bobs and weaves, always just out of reach of his opponent’s glove. Garcia is going downstairs in an attempt to reverse his fortunes but he’s going too low and is warned. Hard to see Khan having the power to knock his opponent out but he’s no top. Khan is down after a left hook! The Brit is wobbling all over the place here with 14 seconds to go! He makes it to the bell… just 8-10

ROUND FOUR: The hook landed on the neck and Khan crashed to the canvas. He was lucky but he can’t cope again in the fourth round! He’s down again and staggering all over the place but once again surivives the count. He tries to goad Garcia as he hangs on. Khan begins to recover and fires off his own shots but Garcia senses blood. The American is stalking Khan around the ring, looking to unleash the one punch that could end this. Khan is down again! It’s over!


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