Man Utd Quotes for this week

Rooney -“It’s great for the players and the fans to sign a player of Robin’s quality,” he said.
“The two of us were fighting for that Golden Boot last season and now the two of us are hopefully playing together.
“Obviously we’ll have to work over the next few weeks and try to develop an understanding. Hopefully it will come quite quickly and we can form a good partnership.”

Ryan Giggs : Welbeck and Chicharito will learn a lot from Robin van persie.

SAF: “You always learn from great players, remember what Cantona did for the young players when he arrived.”

“We got beat on goal difference last season and that won’t happen again. Trust me on that.”–Sir Alex

Edwin van der Sar (@vdsar1970) on twitter:
A new season set to start today so looking forward to see some football again! We have to wait till Monday for Utd but enjoy the weekend!

Tom Cleverley @tomclevz23 on twitter.

Was good to train with RVP today. Cant wait for the new season now!

Wayne Rooney 10′ & Van Persie in PL since ’09/10 –

Appearances: 94/79
Goals: 64/57
Minutes/goal: 121.7/111.5
Assists: 18/23
Pass completion %: 77.5/79.2.

Evra on Scholes return: “I said I wish you were playing, he smiled, showed us his shirt, everyone screamed, I was like ‘oh scholesy thanks’.”

Van Persie on being the 7th Dutchman to play for United

RVP: Oh yeah, for sure. I spoke to Edwin van der Sar last week and he was very positive about everything. It was a good chat and he was very open, as he always is. Anyone who knows Ed

win knows he’s a down-to-earth person and a world-class goalkeeper. He gave me a really good feeling. He told me a lot of very human things, just daily stuff. Edwin won the Champions League here, he won the league here. He won almost everything here. He’s a legend. And then you have Ruud van Nistelrooy who played five years here and scored something like 150 goals here. He had a massive impact here. Hopefully, in my own way, I can also have a big impact.
RvP: ” I took the shirt (20) because I’m here to win the 20th league title with Man Utd. ” :’) Welcome To The Red Side Of Manchester Robin !
SAF on Mancini:
“We’re favourites every week according to him, he needs to realise he has a decent team himself.”
Robin Van Persie : ”Van der sar won the Champions League & The League, he’s a legend like Ruud who scored 150 goals. Hopefully I can have my own impact.
Sir Alex on RvP: “He was desperate to come to Manchester United. Its been a long haul, not an easy one. Thankfully we got there.”
SAF: “he’s what we needed for the last couple of years…in team talks he was always a problem for us..I’ve taken the problem away ..”
“Scholes and Giggs are world-class and have been proving it for 20 years now. That had a big impact, definitely. I’d like to say we are all in it together to achieve greatness. Every single player is as

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