Barcelona vs Real Madrid 23/08/12

This game was all about the second half, goals were flying in and this game funnily enough had no red cards. 

After 55 mins Ozil puts in a corner and Real’s main man Ronaldo thumps the ball home no chance for Victor Valdes

56 mins the reply from Barca. this time it was Pedro quick response no time wasting back in the game, Mascherano with the long ball to Pedro hint offside maybe? but it made it 1-1

70th mins Messi puts home a penalty kick, bottom corner barca 2-1

78th minute Iniesta skips past challanges like there not even there, slips the through ball to Xavi slots it home. Barca in dream street 3-1

85th minute Di maria has something to change dream street, Victor Valdes messed up the clearance and Maria sneaks and slips the ball home 3-2

going into leg 2 

Barca 3-2 Real Madrid 


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