SmackDown started with Edge coming out. Haven airs in America as SmackDown ends. He plugged Haven, then said he had started watching WWE as a fan again. He said he had never seen anything like the Bryan/Kane hug after winning they won the titles. The footage got a yes chant. He wanted to know how they became friends and champions. Bryan came out with his belt and a microphone.

Bryan corrected Edge on his use of pronouns, saying “they” weren’t champions, “he” was. Bryan said he pulled it off by being in control of himself. Bryan tried to goad Edge by bringing up Vickie. Bryan told him to go back to acting and retirement, because there was nothing he could do to make Bryan snap. Edge said his intention wasn’t to make him snap, but it sounds like a challenge. They got into a no/yes battle. Bryan started losing it until Kane’s music hit.

Kane and Bryan got into it over who was the tag team champions until Edge broke them up. They both told Edge to take it easy, that he looked angry. Edge was confused about Kane being like Barney instead of the Big Red Machine. Edge brought up their history and asked if he remembered (killing Paul Bearer, etc). Kane said he remember and wanted to rectify that situation. Edge took off his jacket and prepared for a fight, but Kane opened his arms for a hug. Edge gave him a tentative hug and that set off Bryan no’ing again. Edge invited him into the hug and Bryan was smitten. He was a few paces away when Sandow’s music put a stop to it.

He called the situation an abomination. Edge cut him off saying he could watch Bryan and Kane hug it out all show, but thirty seconds of Sandow was making him barf. Edge invited Sandow down while Kane and Bryan argued over who could fight him. It was about twenty minutes in and cut awkwardly to commercial.

Match Number One: Damien Sandow Vs. Kane.

The bell sounded just as we came back from commercial. Cole and Josh talked about the match being made during the break. Kane controlled the opening as Sandow would roll out of the ring to regroup.

Bryan, who had been sitting ringside, caused a distraction that cost Kane the match. He grabbed both tag team titles as Kane was looking for the Chokeslam, and got on the apron yelling that he was the tag team champions. Kane started yelling back that he was, and tried to pull the title away from Bryan. Sandow hit his move to pin Kane and flee. Bryan then walked away happy, with both titles.

Winner: Damien Sandow, Pinfall.

Kane was flipping out backstage, looking for Bryan. He found Shelby instead. Kane said he would tear the beard off Bryan’s goat face if he didn’t give his title back. Bryan popped out of hiding when Kane said he had a goat face. Shelby nearly lost his cool as they argued. He collected himself and said they had made progress and they could solve this with a trust exercise. Kane promised not to rip off Bryan’s beard if he gave back the title. Bryan returned the title. Kane said there was still the issue that Bryan caused him to lose. On Shelby’s recommendation, Kane said he would feel better if Bryan also had to compete tonight. Kane then said he was the champions and left.

Del Rio was waiting for Booker in his office. He called Booker a coward for reinstating the Brogue kick, and said that he made him lose. Booker said the move was dangerous but legal, and if Del Rio didn’t want to get hurt, maybe he should get out of Sheamus’ business. Booker said he did feel bad about reinstating it right before the match, but he wasn’t just giving Del Rio another chance, he had to earn it. He then booked Del Rio & Ziggler to take of Sheamus and Orton. Del Rio left after throwing away Booker’s book.

Eve came out for the first time as champion to commentate.

Match Number Two: Layla Vs. Natalya.

There were no intros for either in the match. Layla kept her eyes on Eve, who they said she suspected of being involved in Kaitlyn’s injuries. Eve denied it. The match ended out of no where with Layla’s neck breaker, but the camera had just been on Eve, who was saying nothing about the match. It was what it was booked to be.

Winner: Layla, Pinfall.

Match Number Three: Alberto Del Rio & Dolph Ziggler Vs. Sheamus (C) & Randy Orton.

Ricardo was wearing his neck brace for Del Rio’s intro, Vickie wore a necklace for Ziggler’s. Ricardo and Vickie exchanged words at the start of the match.

They got the heat on Sheamus before a hot tag to Orton. A distraction from Ricardo couldn’t stop the draping DDT on Del Rio. He dropped down for the RKO but hit a bodyslam on Ziggler as he ran in instead. Del Rio stopped him from hitting a draping DDT on Dolph though and they then got the heat on Orton as the crowd chanted “RKO” for a moment.

Orton dropkicked Del Rio to the outside to get the hot tag to Sheamus. Ziggler was great feeding the entire comeback by himself. He at one point locked on the sleeper but was thrown off. Sheamus hit the Irish Curse, but Del Rio broke the pin. Sheamus pushed Del Rio into an RKO as Alberto went for the armbreaker. Then Sheamus Brogue Kicked Dolph, who was about to attack with the briefcase. Sheamus pinned Dolph. Really fun tag match.

Winners: Sheamus & Randy Orton, Pinfall.

Match Number Four: Daniel Bryan Vs. Cody Rhodes.

The match never really got going. Bryan was about to get the No Lock when Kane’s pyro hit. Bryan lost attention, but then tried again, so Kane made the pyro go off again. Bryan got up and started yelling “no”. Cody then hit the Cross Rhodes for the pinfall. Kane pointed and laughed from the ramp.
Winner: Cody Rhodes, Pinfall.

Bryan found Kane in the back and yelled at Kane for screwing him over. Kane said after what Bryan did, they were even. Bryan said Kane was jealous because he was the better singles competitor. Bryan said Kane belonged in the basement, Kane said Bryan belonged in a petting zoo. They stopped arguing when they noticed Sandow and Rhodes laughing at them. They united against them and challenged them for a tag match tonight. Sandow and Rhodes walked off in different directions and Bryan said he thinks they were scared of him.

Clay got his first full dance intro on SmackDown in a while.

Match Number Five: Brodus Clay Vs. Heath Slater.

Slater got a kick and maybe a forearm in. As Clay was about to get the win, Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal attacked Clay. They, along with Slater, beat Clay down three on one, each hitting their moves. This was hardly the Nexus angle.

Winner: Brodus Clay, DQ.

Match Number Six: Santino Marella Vs. Antonio Cesaro (c) w/ Aksana, Non-Title Match.

No promos from either guy before the match. Santino was pumped up to get back in the hunt for the title. Just a minute or two in and the Cobra was distracted by Aksana. Cesaro pulled it off and threw it down just out of Aksana’s reach. She bent over the middle rope to try to pick it up, but tumbled into the ring when Santino punch Cesaro and he fell back. This would have been a clever spot, but like Raw, the middle rope was Pink for breast cancer awareness. It was never mentioned in the angle, but still, wrong week for that spot.

Aksana grabbed her leg after the fall and took the official’s attention. This meant he missed Cesaro’s pin attempt after hitting a big European uppercut. Antonio started yelling at Aksana to get out, but he walked into a rollup for the pinfall by Santino. Santino ran around the ringplaying the trombone. Antonio was livid in the middle and Aksana was rubbing her knee outside. Antonio grabbed a mic and told Aksana that they were finished in five different languages.

Winner: Santino, Pinfall.

The Usos, Kidd & Gabriel and the Prime Time Players were standing around the ring as Rhodes and Sandow waited for the champions.

Match Number Seven: Cody Rhodes & Damien Sandow Vs. Kane & Daniel Bryan (C), Non-Title Match.

Kane and Bryan bickered while on top. Kane did cheer on Bryan as he was being beaten on though. He got the hot tag and tried for the chokeslam on Sandow. He got it on the second try before Rhodes immediately hit him in the back with a chair.

Winners: Daniel Bryan & Kane, DQ.

Rhodes was about to hit Kane again when Bryan grabbed the chair. Kane took out Rhodes and Bryan raised the chair over his head to hit him in the back. He stalled when he saw Kane, but instead of teasing which he was going to hit, he gave Kane the chair like a present to hit Cody with. Bryan then got his own chair as Kane hit Rhodes, which meant they could hit Sandow together. They shared an amazing smile before they started going one for one on Sandow’s back.

During the finish of Bryan’s first match, when Kane pointed and laughed, it felt like the angle had gotten enough time for one show. Boy was I wrong. The finish here was totally worth it. Kane then dropped his chair and grabbed the Usos, who were the last team in line to run away. He threw them into the ring for Bryan to hit with his chair, then threw in the Prime Time Players, then Kidd and Gabriel. Kane grabbed his chair again and joined Bryan, who had been hitting each as they came in.

Amazing. The crowd actually gave a big clap after all the other teams were down. Kane then grabbed both titles but gave one to Bryan. Both raised a title in one hand and a chair in the other. They did bicker about who was the tag team champions as the show went off the air though.


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