6 Bizzare Things Eto and Ibrahimovic Can Buy With Their Current Wages Current Wages:

With a combined salary of €35 Million a year, here is a list of hypothetical ideas that can be done: 

– An Indian football club within 18 months. 

– The world’s fastest car Bugatti Veyron can be bought 25 times. 

– The world’s most luxuries place to live, the palm Islands in Dubai, not just 1 but 5 of those Villas can be bought. 

– One of the world’s best footballing academy, Barcelona’s La Masia can be run for 3 years with €35. 

– San Siro, one of the best footballing stadium in the world can be built in less than 2 years with the combined salaries of the players. 

– One of the most successful English youth academy is West ham’s academy with an annual budget of around €1.7 Million a year. The academy can be run for 20 years with the players one year salary.


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