School project help 2012

I have a project to do which involves making a brand new product on the market. Me and my group have chosen to make bags.. Not any ordinary bags but design your own bag. It is aimed at school children at the moment of time. The bag is to make children customize there own bags for school, gym, going out what ever the use is. We decided this upon making kids have there own ideas and creativity so that they can know it is there own bags and not have similar ones to the person in the same school. 


  1. What do you want to use this bag for?
  2. Please specify what will be carried in this bag.
  3. Do you want to carry this bag on your shoulder or in your hand?



1.       What is your favourite colour? Please answer the first thing that comes into your head.

2.       What is your second favourite colour? 

3.       What is your third favourite colour? 

4.       What is your fourth favourite colour? 

5.   Are there any colours you really dislike?



1.       What shape most appeals to you? E.g. triangle/circle/teardrop/rectangle/ellipse etc

2.       Do you like wavy lines/jagged lines/broken lines/no lines etc?

3.       Do you like simple bold shapes or gentle merging patterns?

4.       Do you like repeating patterns or several different shapes?

What are the essentials you carry with you when you go out?
Make Up / Keys / Mobile Phone / Purse / Cards/Money / Tissues / Mirror / Diary 
Other (explain)

What type of bag do you prefer to take with you when you go out in the evening?
Bag with an across the body strap
Bag with a shoulder strap
Bag with a handle, to carry


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