SmackDown opens with CM Punk and Paul Heyman at Sun Life Stadium. Punk puts on The Rock’s college football jersey. The stadium The Rock played college football at (the Orange Dome) is gone and the WWE that The Rock used to wrestle for is gone too. At the Royal Rumble, Punk is going to show The Rock that you can never go home.

* The Rock comes out for a promo. Flo Rida is in the house. The Rock is back on The Rock’s show, SmackDown. Rock talks about his college football days. Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes come out. They say they are going to be champions soon and The Rock doesn’t deserve this time. Rock says Cody has a dead caterpillar on his lip and makes fun of his lisp. Sandow has a wager for The Rock. Sandow says if Rock can answer 3 questions, he can stay. If not he leaves. Rock says bring it. Question 1 – who was the 19th US president. Rock says Rutherford B Hayes, bitch. Cody asks what movie won Best Picture in 1993. Rock says Schindlers List & he’s right again. Question 3 – Rock says now it’s his turn to ask a question. What happens when you combine a geological aggregate of minerals with its lowest form. Sandow says that’s easy – you get Rock Bottom. Rock grabs him and gives him a Rock Bottom! Cody gets in Rock’s face and gets a spine buster and then a People’s Elbow. Rock celebrates.

* Lilian Garcia introduces SmackDown General Manager Booker T. Booker announces Antonio Cesaro vs. Randy Orton. The Rock will be in this very ring tonight. Also Big Show vs. Alberto Del Rio. Show comes out and confronts Booker. He gets a microphone and says his match with Del Rio is because Booker T has a personal vendetta against him. Big Show says Del Rio is only getting the match because they’re in Miami and Del Rio is Latino. There are no more Latino heroes, no more Irish heroes, no Viper heroes. Del Rio runs out and attacks Big Show and clears him out of the ring. Loud chant for Del Rio.

* Backstage segment with Booker, Rhodes and Sandow.

* A pre-recorded video from Antonio Cesaro announces he will be in the Royal Rumble.

* Randy Orton vs. Antonio Cesaro is next. Cesaro comes out with the US flag. As Orton was in control and getting ready to hit the RKO, The Shield ran down and destroyed Orton & hit the 3-man power bomb.

* Show vs. Del Rio for later tonight will be a Last Man Standing match.

* Matt Striker interviews Heath Slater, Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre backstage about the Rumble. They have a score to settle with Sheamus tonight.

* AJ Lee and Dolph Ziggler vs. Natalya and The Great Khali is up next. Hornswoggle and Big E Langston are at ringside. AJ pins Natalya in a short match after hitting Sliced Bread. After the match, Langston levels Khali with his body tackle. Ziggler hit the leg drop on Khali and Langston hit his finisher on Hornswoggle.

* Sheamus vs. 3MB in a Handicap Match. 3MB runs away as soon as the match starts. Slater runs back and attacks Sheamus from behind but gets hit with a Brogue Kick. Sheamus gets the win.

* Kane and Daniel Bryan vs. Darren Young and Titus O’Neil is up next. Team Hell No win a quick match. Bryan’s knee was taped up and he was limping after the match.

* Show vs. Del Rio in a Last Man Standing match is next. Del Rio came out in a Lamborghini. Big Show put him through a table on the outside. Del Rio starts using a chair on Show in the ring. Lots of back and forth. Show hits a choke slam and Del Rio gets up after 7. Outside the ring, Big Show slams Del Rio through the ringside barricade. Del Rio gets up after a 9 count and the crowd goes nuts. Back in the ring, Big Show nails Del Rio with the WMD knockout punch. Del Rio makes the count by rolling out of the ring at the last second and standing up. Big Show tries to hit Del Rio with ring steps but it backfired and he hits himself. Del Rio hits Big Show with the ring steps 3 times and Big Show is hurt. Del Rio turns the announcers table onto Big Show and gets the 10 count for the win. And new World Heavyweight Champion – Alberto Del Rio! Del Rio celebrates in the ring and in the crowd.


SmackDown RESULTS 5/01/13

Dark Match:

* Natalya beat Alicia Fox


* SmackDown opens with Randy Orton talking about the Royal Rumble. Sheamus comes out and they argue about who will be the last one. Big Show and Antonio Cesaro come out to interrupt. Booker T makes Orton and Sheamus vs. Show and Cesaro for tonight’s main event.

* The Miz beat Heath Slater.

* Natalya, Hornswoggle and The Great Khali beat Primo, Epico and Rosa Mendes.

* Wade Barrett beat Kofi Kingston to retain the Intercontinental Title.

* Tamina Snuka beat Layla.

* Randy Orton and Sheamus beat Big Show and Antonio Cesaro. Orton and Sheamus had a staredown to end the show.

TNA RESULTS 03/01/13

Impact Wrestling kicks off with a video package. It focuses around the pay-off of Aces and 8s from Austin Aries. Roode receives his payback as he fights Austin one-on-one. Both are equal and Jeff gets the final word. It switches to the Hulk Hogan and Bully Ray rivalry. Hulk knows about the relationship with Ray and Brooke. Will he ever accept? Aces and 8s attacked stars for months and one of those stars was Sting. Sting returns tonight!

The video ends and fireworks explode above the ring and on the entrance stage. The crowd is on their feet and are cheering their heads off. Jeremy Borash is in the ring. He starts the show off with the 2012 Wrestler of the Year. There is a trophy in the ring for the star. Jeremy introduces each of the participants. He introduces Bully Ray and says he reinvented himself and became one of the top singles stars today. Next, the Bound for Glory Tournament man who had the highest points, James Storm. Storm makes his way on stage right beside Bully Ray. In July, he gave up the X-Division Title and went for the World Title. This man is Austin Aries. Aries comes out and goes beside James Storm. The fourth participant is the longest reigning World Champion in TNA history. This person is Bobby Roode. Roode comes out and stands right by Austin Aries. They exchange words. Lastly, he is the TNA World Champion. He is Jeff Hardy. Hardy comes out and stands by Roode. Jeremy goes to announce the winner while Roode and Austin walk down the ramp. They are fighting over the award as they think they one it. Jeremy announces that Jeff Hardy is the 2012 Wrestler of the Year. Jeff shakes the hands of Bully Ray and James Storm. Those two leave. Jeff walks down the ramp and meets Roode and Aries. Both of them are shocked. Jeff interacts with the fans and then gets in the ring to meet Borash. Jeff grabs a mic.

Jeff thanks everyone and tells them Happy New Year. He is the World Champion but this means even more. He had a great 2012 and this award confirms it. Roode comes to the ring with a mic and tells him to stop. Roode can’t believe that Jeff thinks the fans’ votes are just as important as the World Title. Jeff says that is the difference. Roode set records and made history. Roode became the longest reigning World Champion in TNA history. The fact that he is not the Wrestler of the Year is….well, Austin Aries enters the ring and tells him to shut-up. Aries says this award is rigged. Austin was the longest reigning X-Division Champion and beat Roode for the title. Austin gave four star PPVs every time. Jeff tells them that it is enough and says he will face both of them at Genesis. 2012 was the year of the enigma. Jeff grabs the trophy and turns around. Aries hits Jeff from behind and he falls. Roode comes over and helps with the attack. Roode gets Jeff up and holds his arms behind his back. Austin grabs the trophy and goes to swing it in the gut, but Jeff moves and Aries hits Roode. Jeff battles back and grabs his smashed up trophy as his music hits.

We see Todd Keneley, Taz, and Mike Tenay as they announce the line-up for tonight.

James Storm is backstage. The cameraman says that wasn’t want he planned. James goes to talk but Daniels and Kazarian come into the screen. Daniels mocks James with his cowboy voice and his weird sayings. Kazarian starts to laugh and says he will kick Daniel’s Twitter and punch Kazarian’s Facebook. James doesn’t care if they DM it or Instagram it, but he tells them that one of them better come out and face him. Daniels and Kaz state that he forgot to mention Myspace.


James Storm’s music is playing as he is in the ring. He takes off his shirt and gets ready to fight.Music hits and here comes the dancing duo of Kazarian and Daniels. They dance their way down the ramp. They talk and Daniels says he will go in. Daniels takes off his coat and gets on the apron. As James turns to him, Kazarian comes from behind and knocks James down.

James Storm vs. Kazarian
Kazarian takes James to the corner and kicks and punches him. He has total control. He tosses him over the ropes, but James holds onto the top rope. He flips his way back in. James goes after Kazarian now. He jumps on him and punches him in the face. He tosses Kazarian out of the ring. James gets out and Daniels gets James’ attention. As Daniels rolls in the ring, Kazarian comes back and hits James from behind. Kazarian attacks and then leaves. Daniels kicks James in the gut and then tosses him in the ring. Kazarian is there and continues the assault. He does stomps and knees to James’ body. Kazarian starts to whack the head of James, but James pops up and drops for the double knee to the face. Kazarian falls right down. Both get up now and James continues the offense. He climbs the corner now and does a long flying elbow drop. He covers but Kazarian kicks out as well as Daniels getting on the apron. Kazarian gets up and kicks James right in the corner. He lifts him up on his shoulders and spins him around for a cutter. Kazarian pins but he gets a two. Both get up and James does another drop of the double knee to the face. Daniels gets on the apron again. James stands and does a enziguri to the back of the head. As James gets up, Kazarian is on the corner. He jumps but James hits the Last Call Super Kick. He covers.

Winner: James Storm

Aces and 8s are in their clubhouse. All of them are lounging around. Devon, with a girl at his side, says that they need an answer soon as they have been waiting for a week. Ken, with two girls beside him on the couch, says they are doing great here so what is a little longer? Devon likes that. Doc enters the picture and asks Ken what it is going to be? Sting is coming soon. Ken tells him that if it is happening, they can’t show Sting one ounce of fear. Ken reaches down and pulls out the ball peen hammer. He hands it to Doc while Devon says this is a good sign. The group gets up and leave the area. Devon asks if they seen his black baseball bat. They haven’t seen it. Devon looks around and then continues to walk.


Kenny King is walking backstage and meets Kid Kash in the opposite direction. Kenny tells Kash that he is a legend and he remembers watching him on VHS. Kenny will win his match next week while Kash will win his tonight. Kash has been a two time X-Division Champion, so he is anything but new. King better watch out.

A video plays showing Sting’s return last year. It ended with Aces and 8s attacking him. Doc appears and takes him out as well as others. Sting is coming back and is going to take the group out. It’s showtime.

Music his and here comes Doc from Ace and 8s. He makes his way through the fans. He grabs a mic and gets in the ring. He has his ball peen hammer and looks at it. He then raises it up. “Stinger, where are you?” Doc laughs and then asks where Sting is again. He tells him to join the party. It’s 1/3/13. Sting has been saying that Doc is a marked man, but Doc doesn’t feel like he is. Where is Stinger? Where is he? Doc looks at his hammer again. He starts to get angry. He says Sting is wasting his time and Aces and 8s time. Get out here Sting as Doc will cripple you. Everyone wants him out here. The hammer is Doc’s final call. Just then, a black baseball bat appears in the ring. It either came from the crowd or the rafters. Doc starts to freak out. He says he isn’t afraid of Sting. He isn’t afraid. Doc paces back and forth while looking at the bat.


Brooke Hogan is walking in the lot and the cameraman asks her if she talked to her father after kissing Bully Ray and having him find out. She says no. It looks like they will talk again just like how normal TV does it. She enters the arena.

Kid Kash is in the ring. Christy Hemme introduces this match. Christian York’s music hits and he comes to the ring.

Kid Kash vs. Christian York – X-Division Tournament Match
Kash goes right after York as soon as he enters the ring. He has York down. He tosses him over the ropes. Kash continues as he jumps over the ropes and hits the hurricanrona. Kash gets in the ring. York gets on the apron and jumps on the top rope. York flies and lands on Kash. York toss Kash over the ropes and he lands on the apron. York attacks him and then brings him to the corner. York continues the assault. Kash comes down from the corner, but York grabs him from behind and hits a german type suplex. Both get up and Kash comes back. He attacks York with punches and keeps him down on the mat. Kash climbs the corner and does a moonsault, but York brings his knees up. Both get up and York kicks Kash in the gut and chest. He has Kash down on his hands and knees and then hits a DDT. He covers but Kash kicks out. Both get up and York does an inside cradle. Kash kicks out. Both get up. Kash tries to hit a move, but York hits the Moonswing (Swinging neck breaker). He covers and wins.

Winner: Christian York

Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez are backstage. Chavo is laughing as the cameraman asks him if he is afraid of Joey Ryan. Chavo isn’t and he has Hernandez while Joey has Morgan. Hernandez can take down anyone. They are the TNA Tag Team Champs. In fact, they will take on any two stars tonight.


Music plays and here comes the TNA Tag Team Champs. Hernandez and Chavo get in the ring while Hernandez is in action. Music plays and here comes Matt Morgan and Joey Ryan. Matt is in his clothes and has a sling on. Matt has a mic in his other hand. He says he has been slinging 700 pounds around to get fit, while Hernandez doesn’t know anything about that. Matt will be ready for Genesis, but Joey is ready for tonight. Joey doesn’t want to but Matt encourages him. Joey oils up and runs in the ring.

Hernandez vs. Joey Ryan
Joey goes right to Hernandez in the corner as Hernandez has his back turned. Hernandez turns around and just manhandles Joey down. He gets him up and his a backbreaker. Hernandez goes to bounce off the rope, but Matt grabs Hernandez’s leg. Matt starts to flex his arms now. Hernandez goes after Joey again, but Matt gets in the ring. Hernandez turns and Matt hits a discus closeline. The bell sounds. Chavo gets in and Matt hits The Carbon Footprint. Joey gets up and celebrates with Matt while Morgan stares right into the camera….staring right into Hulk Hogan.
Hulk Hogan is walking backstage as he will be coming to the ring next.


Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe is backstage with Garett Bischoff and Wes Brisco. Kurt thanks both of them for the help last time, but he has Joe now so they don’t ned to come out. Garett and Wes says they will help out. Joe starts to yell as they don’t need them. Kurt calms him down and tells Wes and Garett that it is a cage match and no one is going in. Thanks but no thanks. Wes and Garett leave. Kurt tells Joe that he doesn’t know where Sting is as he didn’t talk to him either but he made a New Years Resolution. That is to unmask all of the Aces and 8s people. It starts tonight. You in, Joe? Joe shakes the hand of Kurt.

The camera switches from Ms. Tessmacher, Tara and Jesse, Mickie James, and other knockouts. They will be in action tonight.
A video plays revolving around the Hulk Hogan and Bully Ray storyline. Austin Aries starts to make fun of Brooke and Ray, but Ray took care of him. Ray saved Hulk from Aces and 8s and then goes on to kiss Brooke. Hogan finds out about the relationship but Ray doesn’t think there is anything that he shouldn’t know.

The video ends and here comes Hulk! His music plays and he comes out on the stage. Fireworks explode as he walks forward. The crowd roars. He gets in the ring and grabs a mic. He says he is going to get right to it. First of all, sorry for not being there last week. There was a lot going on and two weeks ago he caught Brooke and Ray making out. He is back and wants to get this over with. Ray, if you are back there, and I know you are, come out and you too Brooke. He wants both of them and gets both of them. Ray’s music hits and he comes out with Brooke at his side. Ray then leads her. They get in the ring. Hogan says Ray wants respect from Hogan for months now. Hogan couldn’t really understand it. He then starts talking about a code. There is a code to tell each other things but he didn’t and wants to know why. Ray paces around and then looks at Brooke. Ray turns to face Hulk. He has a mic and says Hulk is right and should have came clean about him and Brooke. The heat is on him (Ray). Hulk has been trying to tell everyone how bad Ray is and that he shouldn’t be trusted. Ray shouldn’t be in this business. Brooke tries to interfere but Hulk says it is between them. If this was 20 years ago, Ray would have been gone by now. With this time period with lawyers and lawsuits and general managers, Bully Ray is suspended without pay. Get out of my ring! Ray can’t believe it. Hulk turns to Brooke and says she made the decision too so get the hell out of my ring. Brooke is shocked. Ray turns and asks if he is serious. He then grabs Brooke and leads her out of the ring. Ray grabs her hand and walks up the ramp. They turn and Hogan’s music plays. Bully asks Brooke what is wrong with her father. Suspend, really? They turn and walk the rest up the ramp while Hogan walks around the ring.


The show returns and a replay of the Hogan/Bully/Brooke segment plays.

The camera shows the Impact Zone with Christy Hemme in the ring waiting. The announces talk about Joseph Parks and a video plays showing his training in OVW. The trainer says he wasn’t good in the beginning but now he is watching tapes and learning. He has potential. He, Parks, says he has been watching matches with Kurt Angle, Jeff Hardy, Samoa Joe, and even Abyss. The trainer says Parks caught him off guard and showed him the wow factor. He can do this. The trainer tells Parks that he has heart and feels great for his opportunity. Parks says he is ready. Good luck.
Christy Hemme is in the ring as she introduces this knockout tag match. Gail Kim makes her way to the ring first. After her, Tara’s music plays and she comes out with the Knockout Title around her waist and Jesse at her side. They do their special taunts in their path to and in the ring. Mickie James comes out and skips her way down the ramp. Finally, Ms. Tessmacher comes out and gets in the ring.

Gail Kim and Tara vs. Mickie James and Ms. Tessmacher
Gail starts the match against Tessmacher. Tessmacher goes right to Gail, but Gail kicks her in the gut and puts her in the corner. Gail whips Tessmacher in the opposing corner, but Tessmacher jumps on the second corner and jumps back for a cross body. Both get up and Tessmacher does a monkey flip to Gail. Gail gets up and tags Tara. She enters and takes control of Tessmacher. She hits her in the gut and then whips her in the ropes. Mickie reaches and tags herself in. Tara does a snapmare takedown. Mickie enters the ring and so does Gail. Mickie does a dropkick to her and Gail rolls out. Tessmacher gets Tara and knocks her out of the ring. Both are out of the ring. Tessmacher and Mickie roll out of the ring and grab Tara and Gail. They do a double head knocker. They bring Tara back in. Tessmacher and Mickie roll back in but Mickie is the legal knockout. She has control of Tara, but Tara turns the tables and has Mickie down. She twists Mickie’s torso.


ODB is backstage saying Aces and 8s have done a lot of damage. They have their dart games and everything, but Sting is coming back. Eric Young is not coming back though. He is out of the hospital but can’t return yet.
The camera shows the steel cage being set up around the ring. As it does, a replay is shown of the beginning of Impact where Jeff set his own match for Genesis and the attack afterwards.

Hulk Hogan is walking backstage to go into his office with Roode and Aries behind him. They are complaining about the Triple Threat Match. They say it is against everything they stand for and so on. Hogan says it will happen and it will be in an elimination style match. Next week will be Roode and Aries vs. Hardy and a partner of his choosing. Roode and Aries don’t want to team up and they freak out about it. They leave Hulk’s office.
Aces and 8s music plays and Devon comes out with the Television Title around his waist with a masked man at his side. They walk through the crowd and then get to the ring. They enter. Samoa Joe’s music plays and he walks down the ramp. He stops at the end of the ramp. Kurt Angle’s music hits and here comes the Olympic Gold Medalist. He rises from below the stage. He raises his arms once on the stage and fireworks explode in the air. He walks down the ramp and gets in the ring. As he does, Doc runs out and slams the cage door in Kurt’s leg and side. He pulls him out and locks the cage.

Devon and Masked Man vs. Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle in a Steel Cage Match
Doc gets Kurt up and slams him face first into the steel steps while the masked man and Devon surround Joe. Joe is able to take Devon down and then put the masked man into the corner. He punches him multiple times. Devon runs but Joe moves and runs into the masked man. Joe puts Devon in another corner and does a couple kicks and then the pele kick. He tries for the door but it’s locked. Joe goes after Devon and the masked man. He knocks Devon down and then puts the masked man in the corner. The guy sits down and Joe rams his face with his foot. He runs in the ropes and comes back, but Devon runs right into him and knocks Joe down. Devon gets him up and holds his arms behind him. The masked man is up and punches Joe in the face. They switch places and Devon punches him several times. The masked man let’s go and Joe falls down. The big buy stomps on Joe’s chest. Joe rolls away. He then gets up and fights back and forth, but Devon rakes the eyes of Joe and puts him in the corner. Joe sits down. Devon gets him up but Joe punches Devon and knocks him down. The masked man goes after Joe with a knee to the gut and punches. Kurt is up and tries to open the cage, but Devon kicks the door and it hits Kurt’s head. Kurt falls off the steps. Joe is thrown into the ropes and the masked man elbows him in the face. They continue to work on him.


Samoa Joe is up and punches Devon and the big buy back and forth. Devon is able to put Joe back in the corner. Devon goes to him, but Joe kicks him in the face and then climbs the corner. He jumps and kicks Devon in the face. He gets up and has the masked man and hits the t-bone suplex. They are down. Kurt Angle is climbing the cage. Doc enters and rips Kurt down. Kurt fights back and knocks Doc down. He takes the key from him and opens the door. Kurt goes after Devon and the masked man. he knocks both of them down. He climbs the corner and dropkicks the masked guy. He then tries for the mask. As he does, Doc walks up the steps. Kurt stops and turns to Doc, but he slams the door in the face of Kurt. It makes him bleed. The masked guy grabs Kurt and chokeslams him.. Joe takes care of the masked guy and all are down. Kurt slowly gets up as well as Devon. He hits the three german suplexes and then one german suplex on the masked guy. Joe gets up and throws Devon in the steel cage twice. The masked guy gets in and Kurt and Joe both attack him. Kurt does an Angle Slam and covers.

Winners: Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe

Kurt Angle gets up and goes right for the mask, but Doc enters the ring and attacks him and Joe. Aces and 8s run out and they enter the ring. They attack both Kurt and Joe. Mr. Anderson watches from the outside. They choke Joe and Kurt with their boots. Just then, Sting comes out with his black baseball bat. He enters the ring and takes out one member guy one. They are all going down. The members are slowly exiting the area. They leave through the door while one climbs the cage. One member is left in the ring. Joe pushes him to Sting and Sting hits him with the baseball bat. Kurt grabs the mask and RIPS it off! It’s Mike Knox! He leaves the ring and the other members are trying to cover his face. It’s shown though. Sting’s music plays and the three celebrate in the ring. They show fades.

 Kenny King defeated Jessie Godderz in a match taped for Xplosion before last night’s Impact.

– Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez will defend the TNA Tag Team Titles against Matt Morgan & Joey Ryan on January 13th at TNA Genesis.

– At the end of last night’s TNA Impact Wrestling, Mike Knox was revealed as a member of Aces& 8s. Here’s a photo:

 Member of Aces & 8s Revealed, Title Match Set for Genesis, Xplosion


RAW 1/1/2013

Dark Match:

* Alex Riley beat local wrestler Mark Jinks

RAW, Airing New Year’s Eve:

* The theme for tonight’s show will be Champion’s Choice.

* They set up MizTV to kick off RAW. The Miz reveals that Vickie Guerrero has made all titles on the line tonight. He brings out his guest John Cena. Tonight’s RAW is Champion’s Choice and the champions will get to choose their challengers. Nothing is said yet about CM Punk defending the WWE Title.

Cena is interrupted by Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow. Cena mentions WashingtonRedskins quarterback RGIII and he is in the crowd. A RGIII chant breaks out. Miz and Cena vs. Rhodes Scholars is up next.

* The Miz and John Cena beat Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes in around 20 minutes. Cena hits the Attitude Adjustment on Sandow for the win.

* United States Champion Antonio Cesaro cuts an anti-USA promo and chooses to defend his title against Sgt. Slaughter. Cesaro gets the win with a Neutralizer. He hits a second Neutralizer on Slaughter after the match.

* Later tonight will be a New Years toast between AJ Lee and Dolph Ziggler. John Cena is invited.

* Ryback vs. The Shield in a handicap match is announced for later.

* There’s a backstage segment with Kane, Daniel Bryan and 3MB but the Titantron goes dark during it.

* Kane and Daniel Bryan will defend the WWE Tag Team Titles against Heath Slater and Drew McIntyre. Jinder Mahal is at ringside. Kane and Bryan get the win, then do air guitar in the ring.

* CM Punk, Paul Heyman and a doctor come to the ring. The doctor is here to confirm that Punk is really injured and they show x-rays on the Titantron.

Punk talks about his title reign and all the injuries he has suffered. Punk brings up his WWE Title match against Ryback for January 7th. The doctor says he can’t clear Punk to wrestle and then Vince McMahon interrupts to a big pop. Vince wishes everyone Happy New Year and overrules the doctor, saying the match will happen and will be a TLC match.

Vince wonders if Punk has been conspiring with The Shield and Brad Maddox. Vince goes on to say that WWE doctors will evaluate Punk and if he can’t wrestle on January 7th, then Heyman will have to face Ryback in the TLC match.

* Sheamus vs. Dolph Ziggler is up next. Big E Langston and AJ Lee are at ringside. They wrestle for about 15 minutes until The Shield attacks and it’s over. The Shield stand over Sheamus after beating him down. They leave through the crowd. Ziggler, AJ and Langston left as soon as The Shield attacked.

* Backstage segment with Punk, Heyman and Brad Maddox. Maddox asks for a job but Heyman tells him to get out.

* Backstage segment with Kofi Kingston and Wade Barrett.

* Eve Torres comes out and wants to defend the Divas Title against Mae Young. Mae isn’t here so Eve wants a forfeit. Kaitlyn comes out instead and beats Eve down until she escapes and runs to the back.

* Big Show comes out and wants to defend his World Heavyweight Title against Ricardo Rodriguez. Alberto Del Rio is in the suit at ringside while Ricardo comes in driving his car. Del Rio ends up making the save and attacks Big Show. Ricardo did get some shots in but Show wins by DQ.

* Kofi Kingston comes out next to a big pop to defend the Intercontinental Title against Wade Barrett. Barrett gets the win and the title after a solid match.

* After the match, Josh Mathews interviews Barrett in the ring. Barrett warns the WWE locker room to watch out for him in 2013.

* Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns make their way through the crowd for the handicap match against Ryback. Ryback comes out to a big pop but The Shield attack him on the ramp. Sheamus comes out to make the save and no bell has rang yet. Randy Orton is out next for the save and he gets the biggest pop of the night.

The Shield escape through the crowd. Orton, Sheamus and Ryback stand tall in the ring. The match never officially started.

* The New Years toast with AJ and Ziggler is up next. Cena is invited. Ziggler comes out in a tuxedo and AJ is in a dress. Langston is in regular wrestling gear. They toast the New Year and Ziggler shows clips of Cena’s bad year like the Brock Lesnar slam, getting knocked out by Big Show and others. Dolph un-invites Cena and tells Langston to guard the ring.

AJ and Ziggler kiss but Cena comes out and interrupts. Cena admits he had a bad year but points out AJ’s many relationships. Cena shows a pic of AJ’s many illegitimate children on the big screen and it’s a bunch of babies with various Superstars and Legends heads photoshopped onto them. Cena goes on a long rant about Dolph and then announces he will be in the 30-man Royal Rumble match. Cena promises to win the WWE Title in 2013. Cena toasts AJ and Dolph and then a bunch of fake human waste falls from the rafters and splashes all over the ring, AJ and Ziggler. They throw a fit in the ring as Cena’s music hits and RAW ends.


SMACKDOWN 4/1/2013

 The Miz defeated Heath Slater
 Great Khali, Hornswoggle and Natalya defeated Primo, Epico and Rosa Mendes
 Intercontinental Championship: Wade Barrett (c) defeated Kofi Kingston
 Tamina Snuka defeated Layla

 Sheamus and Randy Orton defeated Big Show and Antonio Cesaro



We look back at the last several weeks as Aces & Eights targeted Kurt Angle and got involved in last week’s World Title match between Jeff Hardy and Austin Aries, which ended because of interference from Bobby Roode.

Bully Ray starts the show off by saying it’s no secret that he and Hulk Hogan don’t get along, but he wants to know what it’ll take to earn Hogan’s trust. He has nothing but respect for Hogan, but he wants to call him out here, not to fight, but to talk. Hogan’s music hits, but Brooke comes out to the ring instead and tells Bubba that her father isn’t here. She tells “Mark” that he knows, Bubba asks how he knows and she says she’s not sure, but she says this isn’t where to settle it. She says they need to talk to Hulk privately so she can show her dad that Bubba’s the man she knows he is. “Mark” steps out of the ring and walks off, Brooke comes after him to try and talk, but the annoying TNA cameramen won’t get out of their faces so they just walk off.

It’s Open Fight Night, and that means that any challenge has to be answered no matter what! Austin Aries comes out to the ring (apparently just missing Bubba and Brooke in the back on his way out) and says he’s going to make this short and sweet. Everyone saw that he had Hardy beat and that he should be the TNA World Champion right now, but the man he’s about to call out screwed him, and that’s Bobby Roode. Aries says he can’t be mad at him because he did the same thing to him and now they’re even. But tonight, they’re going to settle things in the ring like men and see who deserves to be the World Champion and who deserves to face Jeff Hardy for the title. They’re not going to do it right now because the only place Austin Aries and Bobby Roode should be wrestling is in the main event, and since this is the last main event of 2012, let’s take the two greatest wrestlers in the universe to determine who will take out Jeff Hardy once and for all. Great promo!

Samoa Joe comes out and says he came here to pick a fight, so since Aces & Eights likes to send someone out to hit people in the head with a hammer, he’s going to see how hard he hits face to face and calls out the big masked man from Aces & Eights so he can choke him out and take his mask off.

Samoa Joe vs ??????

Joe jumps the big man as soon as he gets in the ring, pummeling him with punches and kicks and nailing him with a leaping enziguiri. Joe goes for the mask, but the big man sticks his thumb in Joe’s eyes and runs him over with a clothesline. The big guy puts Joe over the middle rope and gives him the Boss Man Straddle for 2, then goes to a rear chinlock. Joe escapes anddodges a charge, then sits the big man on the top rope and goes for the Muscle Buster. The big guy blocks, but Joe hits a Manhattan drop, a running big boot, and a back senton. Joe gets the rear naked choke right in the middle of the ring and the big man goes out.

Winner: Samoa Joe

Joe motions that he’s going to take the hood off, but the rest of the gang runs in and Joe hits the bricks. Aces & Eights makes angry faces at Joe as he backs his way up the ramp.

Robbie E and Robbie T are backstage and they get into a confrontation with Jesse Godderz. Robbie E says that since tonight is Open Fight Night, they should have a Bro Off. Okay.

Kenny King is backstage telling Christian York that he’s impressed with the way he came in and took it to everyone because it’s so much like the way he came in. He knows Rob Van Dam is going to call someone tough out tonight, so he tells Christian to watch and take notes. King walks off and York shakes his head and wonders where they find these guys.

Robbie E and Robbie T come out to the ring where E tells us that it’s Open Bro Night, and he’s calling out the fake Robbie E, Jesse Godderz. He tells Jesse to get out here so he can show him what it’s like to be a real bro. Jesse comes out and tells E that he can refer to him as Mr Pectacular, but E reminds him that this is a Bro Off, and there’s three rules in a Bro Off: 1)it’s every Bro for himself, B)everything he does has to end in a bro. Since E is the Bro veteran, bro, he’s going to go first, bro, so he tells the DJ to hit his music, bro.

Bro Off: Robbie E vs Jesse Godderz

Robbie E’s music hits and he dances. E tells Jesse to top that, Bro. Jesse’s music hits and he does his Chris Masters posing routine while Tara drools and fondles him. Jesse tells E that this is how you Bro Off…dude. E says it wasn’t as bad as he thought it’d be, but there’s two problems: it’s bros not hos (meaning Tara), and number three is that Jesse is automatically disqualified because he ended with dude instead of bro, Bro. So the winner of the 2012 Bro Off is…wait a minute, Robbie T grabs the microphone and says there’s one more bro to go. T flexes to Jesse’s music, but then some new music hits and he does back rolls, one armed pushups, and pumps his fist at the crowd. Jesse and Robbie E’s jaws are on the ground as he takes the microphone out of E’s hand and goes “BRO!” T walks up the ramp as Jesse, Tara, and E stare at him in shock.

Winner: Robbie T

Rob Van Dam is backstage, and he’s…WALKING!

Rob Van Dam comes out to the ring and says that his efforts have obviously elevated the X Division, and this next X Division competitor is having everyone rave about his moves and his athleticism, so come on out to the ring…Christian York! We see backstage as King looks shocked that RVD didn’t pick him, and York does an in your face at King and comes out to the ring for…

X Division Title Match: Rob Van Dam vs Christian York

They go back and forth right off the bat with a fast paced exchange, RVD goes for the stepover leg lariat but York counters to a half nelson suplex. York hits a flying headscissors that sends RVD out to the floor, then quickly rolls him back inside and comes off the top rope with a missile dropkick. York hits a rolling neckbreaker on RVD for a close 2, RVD whips York to the corner and goes for the rolling monkey flip, but York drills him in the face with a knee to block the move and goes up top and hits a double stomp to the back of RVD for another close 2. RVDdodges a charging cannonball in the corner and counters a flying headscissors to a side suplex. York kicks out of a split legged moonsault at 2, but RVD follows up with a springboard thrust kick and then Rolling Thunder. RVD goes to the top rope and hits the five star notebook splash for the win.

Winner: Rob Van Dam

We go to the Aces & Eights clubhouse where Devon again says that the guy he has in mind tonight is a prima donna, but can be a big help to the group if they decide to bring him in. Doc comes in with a couple of girls and Devon asks him if he thinks they’ll do for tonight.

We then check in on Joseph Park’s progress at OVW where Park says he came from a long line of fighters like his brother Chris and his great grandfather Jebediah, who fought George Hackenschmidt in a bare knuckle fight and almost won. Danny Davis says he doesn’t want to crush anyone’s dream, but he sucked except when he got that nosebleed and went nuts last week. If he can channel that, he’s on to something because it got his attention.

Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian are at the merch stand seeing that they still have no merch there even though they have Kurt Angle shorts. The annoying cameraman asks them what their plan for tonight is, and they made their usual evasive answer before dumping AJ Styles’ t-shirts in the trash.

We look back at last week when Hulk Hogan told us to vote for TNA’s Wrestler of the Year, then Bobby Roode says that he knew Aries would call him out because he’s so predictible. He’s going to beat Aries and then go on to Genesis to beat Hardy for the title like he should have at Final Resolution.

By the way, Sting is coming back on 1-3-13 and he wants Doc!

Christopher Daniels comes out to the ring and says that he knows they told the fans that he and AJ Styles were doing it one last time at Final Resolution, but they really meant one last time until the next time. He gives the fans what they want, so he’s calling out AJ Styles! Frankie Kazarian comes out dressed like AJ Styles and does a dead on impersonation of him where he says he’d love to fight Daniels one more time, but he knows he can’t beat him. Daniels beat him with his own Styles Clash, and he’s just some dumb hick from Georgia and Daniels is from Cali-frickin’-fornia. This has been the worst frickin’ year of his life, so he’s going to go find Claire Lynch, but Daniels interrupts him and says that nobody wants to see that. He apologizes to the fans for not giving them Styles vs Daniels one second last time, but they can feel free to worship them now. Chavo Guerrero Jr and Hernandez come out and say they can make fun of people having a bad 2012, but Chavo and Hernandez had a pretty good 2012 since they beat them for the TNA World Tag Team Title. They’re going to finish 2012 with their foot up Daniels and Kazarian’s rears. They enter the ring, the bell rings, and we’re off!

TNA World Tag Team Title Champions Chavo Guerrero Jr & Hernandez vs Bad Influence

The champions tear right through Daniels and Kazarian, with Hernandez hitting a splash on Kazarian for 2. Daniels tags in and he gets ping ponged between the champions before Hernenadez pops him up into an overhead release suplex. Daniels is in the wrong part of town as Chavo stomps him down and Hernandez chokes him from the floor. Hernandez comes in and hits a splash in the corner on Daniels and then backdrops him almost to the moon. Daniels begs for mercy as we go to commercial.

We’re back and Chavo is dumping AJ…er, I mean Kazarian to the floor as Hernandez has Daniels up in a really long delayed vertical suplex. Hernandez tackles Kazarian off the apron and then clotheslines Daniels out to the floor. He quickly rolls Daniels in and goes for a slingshot shoulderblock, but Kazarian pulls Daniels out of the way and Hernandez crashes and burns. Now Hernandez is in trouble and Bad Influence tag in and out while working the big man over. Daniels and Kazarian hit a series of double teams and repeatedly go after Chavo to draw him into the ring and prevent Hernandez from making a tag. Hernandez finally shoves Daniels across the ring and hits a Pounce to create some space and make a tag to Chavo, who comes in and cleans house on Kazarian. Chavo with a flying headscissors and a big monkey flip, followed by a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for 2. Chavo with his uncle’s Three Amigos on Kazarian, but Daniels and Kazarian hit a Hart Attack on Chavo for 2. Hernandez comes in and dumps both of them to the floor and the champions take them out with stereo dives, then Chavo rolls Kazarian inside and hits a slingshot rolling senton for 2. Kazarian goes for AJ’s springboard forearm, but Chavo dodges and hits a top rope frogsplash for the win.

Winners: Chavo Guerrero Jr & Hernandez

Jeff Hardy is backstage telling the cameraman that he has all the respect in the world for Aries and Roode in the ring, but no respect at all for them outside the ring. Revenge is coming real soon, but he’ll enjoy watching the two of them beat the hell out of each other tonight.

Gail Kim comes out and says she knows exactly who she’s calling out. 2012 was her year and she was the longest reigning Knockouts Champion until someone came along and scored a fluke victory. She’s ready to end that chapter and erase those memories before she regains her gold in 2013, and she’s calling out Miss Tessmacher.

Gail Kim vs Miss Tessmacher

Gail goes right after Brooke’s arm, but Tessmacher gets a quick jackknife rollup for 2, then dodges a charge in the corner and unloads with forearms and stomps in the corner. Brooke gives Gail a stinkface, then knocks her to the floor when Gail tries to roll to the apron to escape. Brooke rolls her right back in but gets caught with a DDT, then Gail hits a back suplex for 2. Brooke blocks a top rope Frankensteiner and she gets Gail in a hanging Dragon Sleeper on the top rope, then releases Gail and wipes her out with a top rope clothesline for 2. Gail catches Brooke with a boot to the face and whips her to the corner for the charging crossbody. Now Gail rubs her ass in Brooke’s face and goes for another back suplex, but Brooke converts it to a bulldog. Brooke nails Gail with a series of running clotheslines and forearms, then nearly turns Gail inside out with a Frankensteiner. She mounts Gail in the corner and goes “OH YEAH GAIL UH UH UH” while humping her face. What a sense of humor that Brooke has. Brooke hits an inverted bulldog and then goes to the top, but takes so long that I just know whatever she’s going to try won’t work. Indeed, Gail rolls out of the way of Brooke’s top rope elbowdrop and hits Sole Food for the win.

Winner: Gail Kim

Austin Aries is backstage, and he’s…WALKING! Bobby Roode is also backstage, and he’s…ALSO WALKING!

Bobby Roode vs Austin Aries

Roode takes Aries to the corner and tries a right hand, but Aries ducks out of the way. Aries says it’s cool, then they tie back up and do some mat wrestling. They end at a stalemate and Roode tries for a handshake, Aries takes it and they both kick each other in the gut. Roode hits the ropes and Aries tries a leapfrog but appears to hurt his knee. Roode says he’s not buying this crap, and he kicks Aries in the knee and tries a spinning toehold. Aries kicks Roode off to the floor, dances around to show that the knee is fine, and he gets ready to try a dive to the floor, but Roode pops back in the ring and they go nose to nose. We go to commercial, but not before we go INSIDE JEFF HARDY’S HEAD!!! He’s at ringside surrounded by animals (as he says) as he watches two men who don’t deserve to challenge for the World Title.

We’re back, and Roode and Aries are trading back rakes until Roode gets a vertical suplex. Aries dodges a kneedrop and then dropkicks Roode’s knee out from under him. Roode dodges an elbowdrop, and this match is so even that I just know they’re going to do some kind of draw and make it a three way at the PPV. Roode goes for a superplex, but Aries blocks and they box each other’s ears repeatedly on the top rope, then thumb each other in the eyes before going back to boxing their ears. Aries finally gets three ear boxes in a row to knock Roode off the top, but Roode dodges a missile dropkick and tries a spear. Aries sees him coming and hooks him into the Last Chancery, but Roode goes to the eyes to escape and gets Aries in a Crippler Crossface. Aries goes to Roode’s eyes to get out and they trade punches and chops, Roode begs for mercy and tries a rollup with his feet on the ropes. The referee sees and stops the count, and Roode takes too long arguing with the referee and allows Aries to roll Roode up with a handful of tights. The referee sees again and stops the count, and Roode hits a spinebuster for 2. Roode tries to use a chair on Aries, but the referee takes it away and opens Roode up to a roaring forearm from Aries that gets 2. Now Aries gets the chair and the referee takes it away, so the referee finally has enough and loses his mind yelling at both men that he’s sick of this crap. Aries and Roode look at each other and then hit stereo kicks to the referee before dumping him out to the floor. They share a brief look of satisfaction before racing each other to the chair. Jeff Hardy’s music hits, and he comes in through the crowd and lays out both men. Hardy’s music is playing, so I guess we’ll call this…


WWE RAW 24/12/12

animated Christmas tree but it does not go on.

Since Christmas is on Tuesday, a number of Superstars are on the stage being led by John Cena to perform some Christmas carols.

The first song they sing has the following lyrics:

Dashing through the show So we can entertain O’er the ropes we’ll go Hope I land on Kane (sung by Damien Sandow) Funk is on a roll (sung by Brodus Clay) When you step into that ring (sung by AJ Lee) Yes No Yes No Okay Yes . . . (sung by Daniel Bryan) I’m not going to sing (sung by Kane) Ohhh Ring the bell Ring the bell Season’s here no doubt We won’t stop until we win Or I’m gonna knock you out (sung by Big Show) We go out to compete All alone (sung by Randy Orton) or in a pair (sung by Darren Young and Titus O’Neil) I can’t eat enough red meat (sung by Ryback) We fly through the air (sung by Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara) I’m the best in this whole world (sung by CM Punk) I know that is not true (sung by Sheamus) Excuse me, don’t you start a fight (sung by Vickie Guerrero) Can you dig it? You sing too (sung by Booker T) Ring the bell. Ring the bell We hope that you’re inspired If you aren’t entertained Then Vince will say YOU’RE FIRED (sung by an animated Vince McMahon)

We go back to the animated CM Punk’s attempts to light the Christmas tree and he continues to fail. He is knocked out of the way and an animated John Cena comes to save the day and he lights the tree and we see Santa in the background.

Raw is in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and your announcers are Jerry ‘Will anyone mind if I wear a Browns jersey’ Lawler and Michael ‘The Fish that Saved Pittsburgh’ Cole.

Our host makes his way to the ring and it is Santa Claus. Santa has some gifts for the fans along the aisle. While Santa gives out more gifts, Ricardo Rodriguez comes out to introduce Alberto Del Rio, who drives into the arena and he hits Santa.

Ricardo and Alberto don’t know what to do while the medical staff checks on Santa. Santa gives the thumbs up and the people cheer.

We go to commercial.

We are back at the crime scene in the arena and we see why the police tape is out. We see Del Rio hitting Santa Claus as Cole speaks in a very somber tone. We will get updates later in the night.

Everyone is standing outside the trainer’s room waiting for an update on Santa. Booker emerges and he says that he will not sugar coat it. Santa is down and he don’t look good. Everyone needs to pull together and the show must go on.

Alberto Del Rio stops by and John Cena yells at Del Rio for running over Santa. Alberto says that he did not know that Santa would be there. He says that it is not his fault.

Booker tells Alberto that before Santa lost consciousness, his last words were that Alberto will be in a fight. A Miracle on 34th Street Fight . . . against John Cena.

Booker tells John to do it for Santa.

We see footage of Cody Rhodes being back body dropped onto the disabled list by Kane last month on Main Event.

Cody Rhodes vs. Kane

Cody with a punch but Kane presses Cody over his head and he drops Cody behind him. Kane with a biel to Cody across the ring. Cody with a kick and then he comes off the turnbuckles but Kane catches him and runs Cody into the turnbuckles. Kane with kicks in the corner. Cody with kicks to the knee and punches.

Cody with a top wrist lock but Kane sends Cody over the top rope to the floor. Cody goes to the apron and he drops Kane’s throat across the top rope. Cody sends Kane’s shoulder into the ring post. Cody with a drop kick and he gets a near fall. Cody tries to remove the top turnbuckle pad and the referee stops Cody. Cody punches Kane and kicks him.

Cody wraps the arm in the ropes. Cody kicks Kane in the corner and he punches Kane. Kane with a kick and punch to Cody. Cody with a kick to the chest and he wraps Kane’s arm in the ropes again. Cody with a head butt and punch to the head but Kane with an uppercut. Kane sets for a suplex but Cody with a kick and single arm DDT. Cody with a wrist lock submission.

Kane grabs Cody by the throat and tries for a choke slam but Cody escapes. Kane with a boot followed by two Irish whips and clotheslines. Kane with a side slam and he gets a near fall. Kane goes up top for the clothesline and he hits it. Kane signals for the choke slam but Cody with punches to stop Kane. Kane gets Cody up for a tombstone but Cody escapes. Cody hits Beautiful Disaster and then he loosens another turnbuckle pad. Kane sends Cody into the exposed turnbuckle and then hits a choke slam and gets the three count.

Winner: Kane

We go to commercial.

Kaitlyn, Layla El, Alicia Fox, and Natalya vs. Eve Torres, Rosa Mendes, Aksana, and Tamina Snuka

Natalya and Aksana start things off and they lock up. Natalya with a rollup for a near fall. Natalya holds on to a waist lock but Aksana escapes. Natalya with a rollup and Backlund bridge for a near fall. Alicia tags in and she leap frogs Aksana while Natalya hits a clothesline. Alicia misses a boot into the corner and Aksana throws Alicia into the corner and she crawls to the corner seductively before tagging in Tamina.

Tamina with head butts and then she pulls Alicia over by the hair but Alicia with a drop kick. Layla tags in and hits a clothesline. Layla with an arm drag and cover. Layla hits Tamina with her rear end but Tamina stops Layla. Tamina runs into boots from Layla. Rosa distracts Layla and that allows Tamina to hit a Samoan drop on Layla followed by a boot to the back and a near fall.

Rosa tags in and she hits a clothesline and gets a near fall. Rosa with a Japanese stranglehold and she puts Layla on her knees to add more pressure. Rosa turns it into a modified camel clutch. Rosa with an elbow to the back to stop Layla from making the tag. Eve tags in and she connects with an elbow drop. Eve with knees and a kick for a near fall. Eve misses an elbow drop and Kailtyn tags in.

Kaitlyn with a clothesline and back elbow followed by a flying shoulder tackle for a near fall but Rosa breaks up the cover. Rosa sends Kaitlyn to the floor. Natalya applies the Sharpshooter to Rosa but Tamina with a superkick. Alicia with a scissors kick to Tamina. Aksana with a spinebuster to Alicia, but Layla with a kick and triple jump cross body. Eve with a kick to Layla. Kaitlyn with a gutbuster for the three count.

Winners: Alicia Fox, Kaitlyn, Layla El, and Natalya

We are back and we see a fire and a Christmas tree. AJ and Dolph Ziggler are sitting on the floor and AJ thanks Dolph for watching her favorite Christmas movie with him. AJ says that it is a movie about not living in the past. We see that they are watching TLC when AJ pushes Cena off the ladder and allows Ziggler to win the match.

Dolph says that all they need this holiday season is some T.L.C. AJ says that the best part was that John Cena did not see it coming. AJ says that this is the most wonderful time of the year.

In case you missed the tragic pedestrian accident, we have a replay.

We see the monitors while Matt Striker gives us an update. Wrestlers and other backstage people hold a vigil for Santa.

It is time for the Lumberjacks to come out for the LumberJack Frost Match and we go to commercial.

Big Show vs Sheamus in a LumberJack Frost Match

They lock up and Show sends Sheamus to the mat. They lock up again and Sheamus pushes Show into the ropes. Show wants a Greco Roman knuckle lock but Sheamus cannot reach Show’s hand so Sheamus stomps on Show’s foot and applies a side head lock. Show with a shoulder tackle.

Show with a head butt and chop in the corner and then he wishes Sheamus a Merry Christmas. Show misses a splash into the corner and then Sheamus drops Show across the top rope and he connects with the ten forearms across the chest. Sheamus goes up top and hits a shoulder tackle that knocks Show down.

Sheamus looks around and signals for the Brogue Kick but Show rolls to the floor. The lumberjacks think about sending Show back into the ring but 3MB aren’t stupid. They allow Show to enter at his own leisure and we go to commercial.

We are back and Show has something to say to Sheamus but Sheamus with a kick. We see footage from the commercial break when Sheamus was sent to the floor in front of 3MB and Sheamus had to fight his way into the ring. Show with a key lock. Seamus grabs Show’s nose and he punches Show.

Sheamus tries to slam Show but he collapses under Show’s weight and Show gets a near fall. Show sends Sheamus to the floor and 3MB attack Sheamus and we have a lumberjack brawl. Sheamus gets back into the ring while the lumberjacks continue to battle. Show with a head butt and the hostilities on the floor calm down. Maybe they will be able to settle their differences later.

Show with a suplex and Sheamus is down. Show chokes Sheamus in the ropes. Tensai punches Sheamus while Show talks to the referee. Show with a few chops to the chest. Show climbs the turnbuckles and he sets to punch Sheamus but Sheamus gets Show on his shoulders and he hits an Electric Chair Drop and both men are down.

Show and Sheamus exchange punches from their knees. Sheamus with the advantage but Show with a choke slam for a near fall. Show with a head butt but Sheamus with punches as he gets back to his feet. Show with a punch to the midsection and then he hits a step over leg drop for a near fall. Sheamsu with more punches but Show with a bear hug.

Sheamus with forearms to get out of the hold. Sheamus with a flying double sledge or two. Sheamus with a shoulder into the corner followed by another shoulder. Sheamus goes for the knee lift but Show knows it is coming and Show with a clothesline for a near fall. Show with an elbow drop for a near fall.

Show goes to the turnbuckles for a Vader Bomb but Sheamus moves. Sheamus gets Show up for White Noise and hits it. Sheamus gets a near fall on Show. Sheamus tries for the Brogue kick but Show blocks it and he sends Sheamus over the top rope to the floor. The lumberjacks battle around the ring while Tensai sends Sheamus back into the ring.

Show gets the fist ready but Sheamus ducks it and Sheamus with a Brogue Kick for the three count.

Winner: Sheamus

After the match, the Lumberjacks enter the ring and they brawl until the heel lumberjacks are sent to the floor.

We take a look back at Tribute to the Troops.

We go to commercial.

We are back and David Otunga is in the ring. He says that he is the only Harvard educated lawyer in the history of the WWE. That makes him uniquely qualified to discuss the situation involving Santa and Alberto Del Rio. People are quick to pass judgment and assign blame. He says that people are pre judging and they are prejudiced. David says that Alberto is really the victim. Santa is guilty of trespassing and working without the proper visas.

Zack Ryder says that Alberto ran over Santa. The man who says ho ho ho is in the back getting treatment while Otunga faces the man who says woo woo woo.

Zack Ryder vs. David Otunga

They lock up and Otunga with a knee. Ryder with a forearm and back elbow followed by a drop kick for a near fall. Otunga sends Ryder into the turnbuckles and he connects with clotheslines. Otunga poses and hits a neck breaker for a near fall. Otunga with a rear chin lock. Otunga with a back elbow to Ryder and Otunga poses and does the Jericho cover. Otunga with a clothesline and then he picks up Ryder again and hits another clothesline while applying a hammer lock. Otunga with a third clothesline and gets a near fall.

Ryder with a rollup for a near fall. Otunga with a kick and Irish whip followed by a clothesline and flying shoulder tackle for a near fall. Otunga with a rear chin lock. Ryder with punches but Otunga with a forearm. Ryder with an X Factor and back elbow. Ryder with knees and a drop kick from the middle turnbuckle. Ryder with a running forearm and he hits the Broski Boot for a near fall.

Ryder sets for the Rough Ryder but Otunga sends Ryder over his head. Otunga misses a clothesline in the corner. Ryder with the Rough Ryder for the three count.

Winner: Zack Ryder

Booker is in the office with Teddy Long and he says that it is fitting that Vickie is on vacation on a week that Santa gets run over. They laugh at Otunga losing. Brad Maddox enters and he says that he is looking forward to his contract. Booker says that Brad lost and he was awful. Booker gives Brad another chance. Brad says that it will be great television. Booker tells Brad that he has to beat one of Santa’s elves.

We go to commercial.

Miz and Kofi Kingston vs. Antonio Cesaro and Wade Barrett

Miz and Cesaro start things off and they lock up. Cesaro with a waist lock but Miz with a wrist lock. Cesaro with a waist lock take down and he slaps Miz in the head. Cesaro reminds Miz that he is a champion. Miz with a waist lock and side head lock but Cesaro escapes. Miz with a kick and running knee lift and he slaps Cesaro in the back of the head. Miz with a flapjack and kick to the head for a near fall.

Cesaro with a forearm and side head lock followed by a shoulder tackle. Barrett tags in and he punches and kicks Miz. Miz with a kick to Barrett and he sends Wade into the turnbuckles. Barrett with an Irish whip but Miz avoids Barrett and hits a drop kick and gets a near fall. Kofi tags in and connects with a double sledge. Kofi with a kick and waist lock.

Barrett backs Kofi into the corner but Kofi with kicks. Barrett misses a clothesline but Barrett avoids Trouble in Paradise. Barrett goes to the floor to get into Kofi’s head and slow down the pace. Cesaro tags back in and Kofi with a drop toe hold and front face lock. Cesaro backs Kofi into the corner but Kofi punches Cesaro. Cesaro with a side slam and he kicks Kofi in the head and chokes him in the ropes.

Cesaro with a European uppercut and Barrett tags back in. Barrett with a snap mare and he stretches Kofi. Kofi with a kick and chop followed by a kick to the head. Barrett with a tilt-a-whirl back breaker for a near fall. Cesaro tags in and he kicks Kofi in the abdomen and then Cesaro picks up Kofi and hits a dead lift side salto for a near fall. Cesaro with a chin lock using Kofi’s arm.

Cesaro with an Irish whip but Kofi with a pendulum kick. Cesaro keeps Kofi from making the tag momentarily. Miz and Barrett are in and Miz with a back elbow and punches. Miz with the Awesome Clothesline and then he kicks Cesaro off the apron and hits a chop to the top of the head from the turnbuckles. Miz sets for the Skull Crushing Finale but Cesaro with a forearm to the back. Miz takes care of Cesaro but Barrett gets Miz on his shoulders. Miz sends Barrett to the ropes and Kofi with Trouble in Paradise from the floor and Miz gets the three count after the Skull Crushing Finale.

Winners: Miz and Kofi Kingston

We are back at Dolph and AJ’s Christmas Eve celebration and his briefcase has been gift wrapped. AJ says that she got the last one for him and broke John Cena’s heart by pushing him off a ladder. AJ says that she has one more present for Dolph and she opens her robe for him and he drops his present. She is wearing a Ziggler t-shirt.

Michael Cole reminds us that Santa suffered some injuries as a result of colliding with Alberto Del Rio’s hood.

We go to Matt Striker with an update. He says that there is not a lot to report. There was some damage done to Santa by the car.

Brad Maddox comes out and he sings Brad Maddox is coming to Raw.

Brad Maddox vs. Great Khali (with Hornswoggle)

Brad slaps Khali and he tells Khali he is not an elf. Khali sends Maddox into the turnbuckles and he chops Brad across the chest and Brad goes down. Khali with another chop. Hornswoggle tells Khali to do it again and he chops Brad out of the ring. Hornswoggle with a splash onto Maddox. Maddox drops Khali on the ropes and Brad with elbows drops to the leg.

Khali chops Brad to get out of the hold. Maddox with a drop kick to the head. Maddox poses for the crowd and then he goes for the injured leg but Khali kicks Brad into the corner. Maddox goes to the turnbuckles but he comes off and is chopped by Khali. Khali with clotheslines and then he choke slams Maddox and gets the three count.

Winner: Great Khali

After the match Great Khali and Hornswoggle dance. Hornswoggle tells Santa to get well. Khali wishes everyone a Merry Christmas.

CM Punk and Paul Heyman are in the hallway and we go to commercial.

We are back and we take a look at the crime scene before CM Punk and Paul Heyman make their way to the ring.

Punk tells Heyman that there should be an escalator to help him into the ring.

Punk mocks Great Khali’s Christmas wish and he says that he must have been from Pittsburgh since he couldn’t understand him. Punk says that in all seriousness, Christmas has been ruined.

The crowd starts a Steelers chant and Punk says that he isn’t stupid enough to root for a bunch of losers like the Cubs and he is from Chicago. Punk says that Christmas has been ruined. Punk says that it was not his fault. He is not talking about when Santa got hit by a car.

Punk is talking about how the best in the world is clearly injured to the point where he cannot compete tonight. Punk says that if you want to boo anyone, the person to boo is Ryback. Ryback is the reason why Christmas is ruined. Punk says that he cannot even walk without these crutches.

Punk says that Ryback has ruined Christmas. Ryback has ruined Hanukkah. What do we do to the lowlife who has ruined Christmas and Hanukkah. Do we fire him? No. Do we suspend him? No. Do we fine him an obscene amount of money? No. What is the punishment for Ryback for hurting the champion? Nothing. He is rewarded with a championship match.

If it was proven that CM Punk has worked with Brad Maddox or the Shield, then maybe Ryback should be given a title match. Punk says that he is in obvious pain. He is not cleared by doctors. Ryback is believing his own crap.

Punk says that he is in a bad mood because he has been doing a lot of training to get ready to go back to the ring. Punk insults the people in the crowd.

Paul tells everyone to get one thing perfectly clear. They do not boo CM Punk. CM Punk has been your WWE Champion for 400 consecutive days. For each and every one of those 400 days, CM Punk has been the victim of a documented conspiracy in the WWE to take this championship away from him. Paul mentions the Ryback situation. He has received not one, but two extraordinary opportunities to wrestle the title from CM Punk. On both occasions, Ryback has failed.

Punk tells Ryback that on two legs he was better than him. On one leg he is better than him. He could have his leg amputated and he will be better than him. He says that he is the best in the world.

Ryback’s music plays and he makes his way to the ring.

Paul tells Ryback to listen to him. CM Punk is not medically cleared to wrestle. If Ryback places one finger on Punk, he will sue him for assault.

Ryback says that he does not have to lay a finger on him because he got his Christmas present. In two weeks, if Punk is medically cleared, they will have the match that they were supposed to have at the pay per view. It will be a TLC match.

We go to commercial.

Usos, Tyson Kidd, Justin Gabriel, Brodus Clay, and Santino Marella vs. Tensai, Heath Slater, Jinder Mahal, Drew McIntyre, Darren Young, and Titus O’Neil

Darren and Brodus start things off and they lock up. Clay sends Young to the floor and then Clay shimmies. Clay with a shoulder tackle and Irish whip followed by a running back elbow. Kidd tags in and he hits a double sledge from the apron and then applies a hammer lock. Young reverses and then Kidd goes through the ropes to tie up Young in the ropes. Kidd with a hip toss and drop kick.

Kidd tags in Gabriel and they hit a double back elbow and double snap mare followed by a double kick for a near fall. Young with a European uppercut and Tensai tags in. Tensai with an uppercut and a butterfly suplex for a near fall. Tensai misses a short arm clothesline and Gabriel with kicks and an enzuigiri. Santino tags in and he walks into an uppercut.

Mahal tags in and Santino misses a kick. Mahal with a leaping elbow drop for a near fall. Mahal with a rear chin lock. Santino with a belly-to-back suplex and he tags in Jey Uso. Drew tags in as well. Drew with an Irish whip and Jey tries to float over but Drew kicks him in the midsection. Titus tags in and he kicks Jey. Titus with a double underhook gutbuster and then he tags Tensai back in.

Tensai mocks Jey and the Uso chant. Tensai with a head butt. Jey with punches but Tensai with a shoulder. Titus tags back in and he kicks and chokes Jey. Titus barks and then he runs into boots from Jey and both men are down. Jimmy and Slater tag in and Jimmy with a flying shoulder and clothesline. Jimmy with a Bubba Bomb and then he sends Slater into the corner for a running butt splash. Jimmy gets a near fall and Drew and Jinder break up the cover. Kidd and Gabriel take care of them and hit dives to the floor.

Slater hits Smash Hit but Brodus breaks up the cover. Clay sends Young and O’Neil to the floor. Tensai punches Clay. Santino with the Cobra to Tensai. Slater with Smash Hit to Santino. Gabriel with a quebrada to Slater followed by a springboard elbow drop from Kidd. Jey with a Superfly splash for the three count.

Winners: Usos, Tyson Kidd, Justin Gabriel, Brodus Clay, and Santino Marella

We go to commercial, but when we come back, we will find out the latest on Santa.

We are back and Daniel Bryan is in a good mood. Both of them won and Christmas is his favorite day of the year. Kane says that he hates Christmas, but he still got Daniel a present. Kane did not get around to wrapping it. Daniel opens it and he sees that it is a Slammy Award. Daniel says that he has a present for Kane and it is a puppy.

Kane thanks Daniel and he says that he is starving. Daniel yells no and says that animals are our friends and not food. Daniel takes the dog back.

We go to AJ reading Twas the Night Before Christmas with her own interpretation. AJ pushes Dolph under the mistletoe and they kiss and their passion knocks over the Christmas tree.

In case you missed it the first four or five times, we see the horrible automobile accident involving Santa Claus and Alberto Del Rio.

We go to Matt Striker for the latest update on Santa. Matt says that Santa has taken a turn for the worst and he is about to be taken to a medical facility but it looks like he is doing much better. It is a Christmas Eve Miracle.

Ricardo comes out and he cannot do the usual Alberto introduction because of what happened earlier to Santa.

John Cena vs. Alberto Del Rio (with Ricardo Rodriguez) in a Miracle on 34th Street Fight

Cena yells at Del Rio for running over Santa. Del Rio pushes Cena and says that it was an accident. Cena punches Del Rio and then he climbs the turnbuckles. Cena sends Del Rio to the floor and Del Rio Irish whips Cena into the ring steps and Del Rio kicks Cena in the shoulder as a prelude for the cross arm breaker.

Del Rio gets a near fall and then he stomps on the arm. Del Rio tells Ricardo to get the mic. Del Rio says that it was an accident and then he hits Cena with the mic. He was not trying to hurt Santa. He hits Cena with the mic one more time. Cena blocks another shot with the mic and Cena kicks Del Rio and hits Alberto in the head with the mic. Cena grabs a present and he opens it. Cena pulls out a steel chair.

Cena hits Del Rio in the midsection and back with the chair. Cena gets a near fall. Cena chases Ricardo around the ring and Del Rio with a clotheslines when the get into the ring. Del Rio with kicks and punches to Cena. Ricardo gives Alberto a present and Del Rio opens it.

It is a pie and Del Rio tries to throw it in Cena’s face but he hits Ricardo instead. Cena with a kick followed by an Irish whip and bulldog. Cena sends Del Rio to the floor and Cena sends Del Rio into the barrier on the ramp. The fight onto the stage and Cena gets another present.

Cena picks up a monitor and he hits Del Rio in the head with it. We go to commercial.

We are back and Del Rio is in control. We see Ricardo distracting Cena and Del Rio with a superkick to the shoulder. Alberto is given another present and Ricardo says that it is a bazooka, but it is a teddy bear. Del Rio throws the teddy bear at Cena and Cena is fine. Alberto grabs Ricardo and then Cena sends Del Rio into the presents. Cena puts a wreath over Ricardo and then gives him a present to the head.

They fight down the ramp and back to the ring. Cena sends Del Rio into the apron and then into the barrier. Cena goes back for another present and the crowd wants him to use the tree. Cena picks up the tree and takes it to the ringside area and he hits Del Rio with the tree.

Cena opens another present and he has a bowling ball. Cena lines up for the 7-10 split on Del Rio and he hits Del Rio in the head pin. Cena goes for another present and it is a fire extinguisher. Cena stands over Del Rio and he goes into the ring and sprays Alberto with the extinguisher.

Ricardo jumps on Cena’s back and applies a sleeper.

Santa’s music plays and he makes his way to the ring with his bag of presents. Ricardo is jubilant that Santa is okay. Santa hits Ricardo with the bag of presents and he gives Del Rio Mr. Socko. Cena with Attitude Adjustment for the three count.

Winner: John Cena

After the match, Cena and Santa celebrate in the ring. We go to credits.


The show opened with the announcement that Santa was the guest host. He was standing by the entrance when Alberto Del Rio accidentally hit him with his BMW. Ricardo and Alberto looked on while Santa was stretchered out.

1. WWE Tag Team Champion Kane def. Cody Rhodes with the chokeslam.

2. WWE Divas: Natalya/Layla/Kaitlyn/Alicia Fox vs. Eve Torres/Tamina Snuka/Aksana/Rosa Mendes- Kaitlyn pinned Eve Torres with a gutbuster.

Lumberjack non-title match – World Heavyweight Champion Big Show vs. Sheamus – Sheamus won with a Brogue Kick in a long, plodding match. There was a brief brawl between all of the lumberjacks after the match. THIS FEUD WILL NEVER END!!!!!

3. Zack Ryder pinned David Otunga after the Rough Ryder.

4. Wade Barrett/Antonio Cesaro vs. Miz/Kofi Kingston – Miz pinned Barrett after the Skull Crushing Finale. MIZ PINNED BARRETT. NO!!!!

5. Great Khali (with Hornswoggle) pinned Brad Maddox after the tree slam. 

CM Punk and Paul Heyman came out and cut their standard promo. Ryback interrupted and said that his title match with Punk will be a TLC match on the first Raw of the new year.

6. Daniel Bryan tapped out Damien Sandow with the No Lock.

7. Primetime Players/3 Man Band/Tensai vs. Clay/Usos/Kidd/Gabriel/Santino – An Uso pinned Slater with The Superfly Splash.

8. John Cena vs. Albert Del Rio (w/ Ricardo Rodriguez) in a street fight – They had a Christmas themed street fight played for comedy. Eventually, Santa ( MickFoley) came out, gave Del Rio the Socko claw, and Cena hit the Attitude Adjustment for the win. Is Del Rio a heel or face?!